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Eliminate Virus Odor Air Ionizer Ozone Generator pm2.5 Air Purifier

Eliminate Virus Odor Air Ionizer Ozone Generator pm2.5 Air Purifier


Portable Ozone Negative Ion Generator UV Light Air  Purifier Household Indoor UV Air Sterilization Machine



Product typeUV SterilizerMaterialAluminum Alloy+ABS
Ozone output50mg/hBattery Capacity2000MA
Working Voltage3.7VPower10W
Input Current1ACharger ConnectorMicro-USB
Size185*68*68mmApplicationHome Office Hotel  Bedroom Car, RV, etc


1. Sterilization, disinfection, mite three in one.
2. Use ultraviolet light to remove bacteria for home, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, hotel, cars, etc.
3. Maintain cleanliness of household items in rooms, closets, and living areas, avoid germs.
4. Portable and compact design, can be at any time for the required area sterilization.
5. Easy carry, Simple operation. 
6. UV + ozone, double sterilization and not afraid of dead ends.



1. When the uv lamp turned on, please leave immediately and keep the environment without any animals and plants. 
2. Do not look directly at the light source.


UV Light:

Ultraviolet radiation is lethal to virtually all bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The short wave radiation produced by germicidal ultraviolet lamps can quickly destroy these harmful substances and microorganisms in water. Because no chemicals are added, there is no danger of overdosing or contaminating the water through this process.


At the 185 nm frequency, ultraviolet lamps can be used to generate ozone in a gas stream. In an ozone generator, a UV lamp can be used to produce ozone from the oxygen in air. While ultraviolet light does not produce very high concentrations of ozone, it can be a valuable option when lower concentrations of ozone are necessary.

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