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 Boost up the performance of your 2017-2019 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) with Injen’s all-new EVO1502 Evolution sealed cold air intake system. The EVO1502 cold air intake was designed using advanced engineering tools to offer a top quality kit that has no parallel.  The EVO1502 one-piece sealed housing utilizes our patent pending Twist-Lock technology to securely fasten our SuperNano-Web Dry air filter in place.  The housing also has a molded scoop to retain the factory inlet.  This inlet helps direct cool, dense air into the intake system for maximum power!  Injen has put it all on the table to give you the greatest intake system possible!
Roto-molded Housing:
The one-piece sealed housing utilizes the all-new Injen Twist-Lock System to securely attach the SuperNano-Web Dry air filter in place.  The Twist-Lock system eliminates the use of unnecessary parts and gives you one of the simplest installations available.  The EVO1502 housing also includes our Injen Clear-View badge for a cleaner, more aggressive under hood appearance.
Roto-molded Intake Tube:
The EVO1502 Evolution Cold Air Intake System uses a custom designed and dyno-tuned intake tube to produce huge power gains while retaining an OE quality fit.  The intake tube also includes our patented tuning process that funnels air at a precise rate past the MAF sensor.  This patented tuning process ensures accurate fuel trims and aggressive power gains without the fear of check engine lights. 
SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filter:
The Injen SuperNano-Web Dry air filter is included with the EVO1502 cold air intake.  This filter is uniquely designed to work with the Injen Twist-Lock System.  Using our Twist-Lock technology has allowed our technicians to use the largest filter available for this application, which enhances the air volume - resulting in increased power gains while making this installation process quick and easy. 
Quality Hardware:
From the Stainless Steel Band Clamps with an inner protective liner to the reinforced automotive grade silicone coupler, every aspect is covered for a perfect and reliable fit. 
Hassel-Free Installation:
Keep it simple! Every Injen Evolution Cold Air intake that uses our Twist-Lock System has been strategically designed to utilize fewer parts and tools to provide the end user with one of the swiftest and most manageable installations available on the market today.
Dyno Proven:
Plain and simple, NUMBERS talk!  Injen has a strong legacy of designing and thoroughly testing every product we develop and the EVO1502 clearly benefits from our dedication to performance.  Our engineers put in countless hours of testing to prove that we have developed the safest, highest performing kit on the market.  With 13 additional horsepower and 18 Ft.-lbs.of torque, Injen is proud to say that the EVO1502 Evolution Cold Air Intake system is the very best intake system for your Civic Type R that money can buy.

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