Model 3 Screen Protector Tesla Tempered Glass Center Control 15” 9H Anti Scratch

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15'' Car Display Screen Protector 9H Anti-Glare 0.3mm Tempered Glass For Tesla Model 3Description:Color: TransparentSize:15''x9''Thickness:0.3mmMaterial: Tempered GlassFitment:For Tesla Model 3Features:* Made of tempered glass material, its hardness is up to 9H, scratch-resistant and durable.* Designed to perfectly suitable For Tesla Model 3* Provides a complete protection for your car display screen.* Tempered glass construction for enhanced impact resistance and reduce the chances of screen damage.* It owns super transmittance and good restoring the original color of your screen, providing a crystal clear perception of your display.Installation Instructions:1. Thoroughly clean your screen.2. Use the protector accessories to adsorb dusts in the screen.3. Peel back the layer labeled , aimed at the screen and lay down slowly.4. Slowly and carefully to spot the screen, it will automatic adsorption.It's very important to install in a dust-free environment to avoid particles between your guard and screen.Please read the instructions before installation!Package Included:1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector Kit